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Anxiety Support Group

Anxiety 8 Week Support Group

This group is designed to help learn strategies to deal with the symptoms of panic, anxiety and fear. These symptoms may include excessive and persistent daily worry about several life circumstances that has no factual or logical basis, restlessness and tiredness, muscle tension, shortness of breath, dry mouth, nausea and a general state of irritability.

This group is open to anyone struggling with an anxiety disorder or anyone interested in the effects panic, anxiety and fear can have on our daily lives.

Anxiety Support Group

This psycho educational and support group will help provide adults diagnosed with anxiety and their loved ones with information about anxiety as a diagnosis and practical strategies for coping with the symptoms of this disorder to help reduce the impact symptom expression can have on a daily basis. For patients with anxiety, the goal of this group will be to:

1. Reduce overall level, frequency, and intensity of the anxiety so that daily functioning is not impaired.
2. Stabilize anxiety level while increasing ability to function on a daily basis.
3. Resolve the core conflict that is the source of anxiety.
4. Enhance ability to handle effectively the full variety of life’s anxieties.
5. Reduce fear so that patient can independently and freely leave home and comfortably be in public environments.
6. Travel away from home in some form of enclosed transportation.
7. Reduce fear of the specific stimulus object or situation that previously provoked immediate anxiety.
8. Eliminate interference in normal routines and remove distress from feared object or situation.
9. Remove panic symptoms and the fear that they will recur without an ability to cope with and control them.

Anxiety Support Group Pricing

The cost of this Anxiety Support Group is $70.00 per session. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of this treatment program. Self-pay and sliding scale fees are available on a case by case basis. For further information, you may discuss the cost with your therapist at Psych Care Associates.

Anxiety Support Group Agenda

Week 1: Understanding Your Feelings
• Purpose and background
• Who is afraid or anxious
• What is Panic
• Is there a difference between fear and anxiety
Week 2: Symptoms
• Symptom categories
• Cues
• Triggers
• Past and current coping strategies; what works and what doesn’t
Week 3: Dr. Qayyum
• Medications and psychopharmacology in evaluations for anxiety/panic disorder
Week 4: Dealing With Fear and Anxiety
• A new Foundation
• Long Term Goals and How To’s
• Solutions Smorgasbord: individual attention with interactions
Week 5: Dr. Qayyum
• Medications and psychopharmacology in evaluations for anxiety/panic disorder
Week 6: How Can DBT Help?
• Mindfulness
• Emotion Regulation (Part 1)
Week 7: More DBT!
• Emotion Regulation (Part 2)
• Distress Tolerance (Part 1)
Week 8: Conclusion © 2015 Psych Care Associates, PC
• Distress Tolerance (Part 2)
• Reviewing This Experience

We Welcome You as a Group Participant…

And appreciate the opportunity to provide you with services. The purpose of this web page is to answer as many questions as possible concerning the Anxiety 8 Week Support Group. Good mental health care is based on a mutual understanding between patient and physician/therapist.