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Add Support Group

ADD 8 Week Support Group

As an adult with ADD you may recognize certain characteristics about yourself that include being impulsive, inability to concentrate, being easily distracted from whatever you are doing, mood swings, and general disorganization that affects the quality of everyday life.

This group also provides telephone coaching to assist you as you apply new strategies to help replace old behavior patterns.

ADD Support Group

This psycho educational and support group will help provide adults diagnosed with ADD and their loved ones with information about ADD as a diagnosis and practical strategies for coping with the symptoms of this disorder to help reduce the impact symptom expression can have on a daily basis. For patients with ADD, the goal of this group will be to:

1. Reduce impulsive actions while increasing concentration and focus on low-interest activities.
2. Reduce ADD behavioral interference in daily life.
3. Accept ADD as a chronic issue that may require continuing medication and behavioral modification as part of effective treatment.
4. Improve your ability to sustain attention and concentration for consistently longer periods of time.
5. Achieve a satisfactory level of balance, structure and intimacy in your personal life.
6. Learn the neurological and biological causes of ADD and medication options available to you.

ADD Support Group Pricing

The cost of this ADD Support Group is $70.00 per session. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of this treatment program. Self-pay and sliding scale fees are available on a case by case basis. For further information, you may discuss the cost with your therapist at Psych Care Associates.

ADD Support Group Agenda

Week 1: First Session – Information about the diagnosis of ADD and related disorders; Treatments for ADD; Guidelines for telephone coaching.

Week 2: Identifying the specific ADD behaviors that cause the most difficulty and why.

Week 3: Neurobiological causes of ADD.

Week 4: Strategies to reduce the impact of behaviors identified in Session 2.

Week 5: Medications used in the treatment of ADD.

Week 6: Significant others are invited to this session to talk about ADD and the effects the disorder has on everyday life and to help in applying strategies learned in Session 4.

Week 7: Developing problem solving skills – Identifying the problem, brain-storming all possible options, evaluating the options, selecting the best option, implementing a course of action and evaluation of the results.

Week 8: Last Session – Review and critique this program.

We Welcome You as a Group Participant…

and appreciate the opportunity to provide you with services. The purpose of this web page is to answer as many questions as possible concerning the ADD 8 Week Support Group. Good mental health care is based on a mutual understanding between patient and physician/therapist.